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We provide state of the art online Islamic education globally.

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Our Courses

Learn how to recite Quran with proper pronounciation & Arabic Accent

You can learn this course free of cost on our website or get registered for a half an hour class which is taken by a Hafiz or Islamic scholar.

Arabic Qa'idah

Students will learn:

  • Makhārij (مخارج)
  • Rules/Qawaid
  • Question/Answer

Hifz-e-Quran (Memorization)

Students will learn:

  • Everything included in Nazra-e-Quran
  • Current Lesson
  • Previous Lessons


Students will learn:

  • Everything included in Arabic Qaidah
  • Daily Lessons

Farz Uloom (Necessary Islamic Knowledge)

Students will learn:

  • Wudhu (وضو)
  • Ghusl (غسل)
  • Tayammum (تيمم)
  • Namaz (صلاة)


Your most common questions are answered here so you may take a quick decision on getting a course with Hanafi Education

Why Hanafi Education?

We’re providing state-of-the-art Quranic & Islamic education from our platform. You can get any pre-recorded course free of cost first of all to watch how we teach, then decide later if you need our time to start any live course. 

How can I start learning?

You need to sign up on website by visiting student registration page to start a pre-recorded course free of cost or contact us here for live courses.

How long will it take to learn Quran, Arabic or Islamic studies?

It totally depends on every student’s individual efforts but we have a time-frame for each courses which can be seen by visiting desired course’s page. 

Do we have any course materials?

Yes, we have (digital Quran, Tajweed, Arabic, and Islamic studies books) and we will give you all the materials you want once you enroll in the academy.

Free Courses

You don’t need to pay for any Islamic courses until you buy our time. Happy learning! 

Live Paid Courses

This is a great way to learn online as live classes are always more interactive & you can learn by qualified teachers directly on camera. 

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